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Product Charter Template

Oftentimes the first formal documentation of a product (beyond the

“idea” stage), the product charter sets the tone and direction for the

product team. This product charter template was designed for startup

teams who are launching new products.

Besides its initial use to kickoff the product development efforts, the

product charter should be revisited throughout the process. Keep it easily

accessible for all team members, and review and update it as needed.

And, most importantly, if what you’re building starts to stray too far from the

content of the charter, consider a timeout to discuss the differences.

At Greenshaw Consulting, we use this template to help our clients

implement product delivery methods to optimize business performance,

build confidence and reduce risk in product launches.

We do this by combining our experience in large-scale project

management and product development discipline with a flexible, proven

approach of applying these techniques to the unique needs of smaller

firms and teams.


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