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Project Planning and Consulting

Flexible consulting services to deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency from conception to launch

Have more specific needs? We offer flexible scope project management and planning, process improvement and product development and delivery consulting to help you translate business objectives into projects and products that are actionable, achievable and successful. 


Our team brings a wealth of experience to all of our engagements, regardless of scope. From 1 hour per week to 40+, we want to work with you to ensure your success.

Consulting Services

Project Planning

Using our proprietary, repeatable approach for prioritization, discovery and implementation.

Process Improvement

Building a repeatable process to improve product delivery and project management.

Agile ScrumMaster

We are certified ScrumMasters with cross-industry, product and service business experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud planning and enablement to optimize performance and security.

Challenges We Solve

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges with your product launches? If so, we can help.

  • Product launches repeatedly delayed 

  • Projects going over budget

  • Not knowing if a product is on track or not

  • Not knowing which product feature will produce the best outcomes

  • Not knowing the tradeoffs in time and money for taking on a new project

  • Convincing investors that plans are achievable

We excel at implementing product and process development methods, tailored for startups to mid-size businesses, designed to deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency from conception to launch. We do this by combining our experience in large-scale project management and product delivery discipline with a flexible, proven approach of applying these techniques to the unique needs of smaller firms and teams.


With a solid product development process in place, you can dramatically increase the chance of success throughout growth. We bring discipline to your operation without adding loads of additional paperwork and meetings. Our formalized process definition and documentation will make a world of difference by setting clear steps, objectives, and responsibilities.


Our approach is flexible as products and teams become more complex through growth. As the organization continues to grow and mature, the level of process can, too.

Ready to get your product to market with confidence and speed?

Schedule a call to review your company's unique challenges and learn how we can help.

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