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Program and Project Management

You provide the vision and we’ll work with you to develop the best plan that delivers it and conserves your resources

What activities are crucial to your organization's success? How many of those activities result in the outcome that you expect and require? If the number is lower than you'd like, we can help.


As an entrepreneur, you need to wear many hats: finance, marketing, product management, sales, etc. You have great ideas, and now you need a way to get it done. Don't get bogged down in the day-to-day operations when you should be focusing on leading and growing the business.


We excel at implementing program and project management methods tailored for startups to mid-size businesses. We do this by combining our experience in large-scale project management discipline with a flexible, proven approach of applying these techniques to the unique needs of smaller firms and teams.

We specialize in working with lean teams to better organize, execute and track programs and projects for real results that matter to your business. We do this by combining our expertise in PMP® certified project management discipline with a flexible, practical approach of applying these techniques to the unique needs of smaller firms and teams. Our focus is to help you deliver programs and projects on budget, on time, at the highest quality, and learn how to do it better in the future.

Document Processes

Involve the whole team to find highest impact gaps and opportunities.

Identify Opportunities

Uncover gaps and apply better project management techniques.

Create the Plan

Build a repeatable plan using customizable templates.

Execute and Adjust

Apply learnings, measure progress and adjust.

Our proprietary approach is based on best practices for organizing your projects to ensure their optimum performance, build confidence and reduce risk in your product launch or other business activities. We believe in a practical, collaborative and iterative approach for delivering successful products that engages your whole team in achieving business success. Therefore our proprietary approach is both standardized, yet customizable to fit your specific business needs and team culture.


It starts with input and fact gathering from across the team. We then analyze gaps and review priorities and capabilities, before developing a repeatable methodology fitted to business objectives. We’ll work with you to document and implement the appropriate level of process required to achieve your goals, blending discipline and organization with flexibility for expansion and innovation. Our deliverables typically include a set of reusable templates for more efficient resource management and communications to meet scope objectives on time, on budget and within resource constraints.


Whether you need a new process developed from the ground up or are looking to optimize specific parts of an existing process, we can build an engagement to fit your needs.

How We Deliver Value

There are a number of ways in which good project management can provide real, immediate benefits to businesses of all sizes, including startups:


Efficient use of resources

Cash, people, time, equipment. All of these are in short supply at a startup. One of the goals of project management is to utilize each in the most efficient way possible. We will analyze how those resources interact and provide data on how changing one will impact the others, and which moves will take the organization closer to their objectives.


Effective decision-making

Launching a new product successfully requires setting the right expectations across the team and the various stakeholders. Unrealistic scope, targets and deadlines not only delay progress but can also severely impact team morale and motivation. 


Another factor in product success is having good data to base decisions on. Startups don’t have time to wait for perfect or even good data before making decisions.


We help you implement a reliable project management system to set and agree on realistic expectations using a clearly communicated project charter and action plan.


We also help the team generate the right data to inform product launch decisions, which can complement “gut feeling” or “instinct.” This also enables continuous evaluation throughout the entire product lifecycle.



Once a startup begins to scale, the same processes that worked at initial founding may no longer be feasible after adding multiple products and people. Oftentimes an organization will start with a “standard” methodology, however changes in operations may be required to scale quickly.


With solid project management practices in place, you can dramatically increase the chance of success through growth. We bring discipline to your operation without adding loads of additional paperwork and meetings. Our formalized process definition and documentation will make a world of difference by setting clear steps, objectives, and responsibilities.


Our approach is flexible as products and teams become more complex through growth. As the organization continues to grow and mature, the level of process can, too.

Ready to get your product to market with confidence and speed?

Schedule a call to review your company's unique challenges and learn how we can help.

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