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Help startups and small businesses make their dreams a reality through tailored project management, product development and process design.


Our values differentiate us and guide us in performing our work for you.


Integrity - We will always do the right thing, even if it's harder (which it often is).

Service - The only way we succeed is if our clients succeed. We are here to serve them.

Quality - We deliver what we say we're going to deliver (or better).

Fun! - We take our work products seriously, but have fun along the way.

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20 Years Experience

  • Software Engineering

  • Project Management (PMP)

  • Certified ScrumMaster

Successfully managed multi-year projects with budgets in the tens of millions of USD

Worked with multiple award-winning startups and small businesses

Delivered successful projects and products across multiple industries, including Nuclear Energy, Robotics, Cyber Security, Energy Storage, and Healthcare

Kevin Murphy
Owner / Consultant

Experienced Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) project manager with 20 years experience working with startups and larger businesses to deliver successful projects and products across multiple industries, including Nuclear Energy, Robotics, Cyber Security, Energy Storage, and Healthcare.

Curiosity and a passion for innovation have driven Kevin Murphy throughout his career, and that is exactly what drove him to establish Greenshaw Consulting in 2018.


With a degree in electrical engineering, Kevin went to work after college as a software engineer and, soon after, set out to earn a master’s degree in business administration. While focusing on his particular piece of each project at his first few jobs, Kevin became curious about what everyone else was doing and how the pieces fit together. He sought out the bigger picture -- investigating other teams’ goals, why one plan was being executed in favor of another, how the teams’ combined efforts were going to make money for the organization.


This curiosity, and the knowledge he gained by asking questions, led to Kevin’s desire to play a role in framing the big picture, employing innovative ideas to achieve creative solutions. He pursued and was awarded a certification as a Project Management Professional and spent the better part of 12 years as a project manager working in multiple industries. 


At Aquion Energy, Kevin fell in love with the startup culture -- the enthusiasm with which team members brought ideas to leadership, the passion everyone had for trying something that had never been done before, and the camaraderie that made work feel less like work. 


This experience played a part in inspiring Kevin to establish his own firm to help recreate that feeling for other organizations. He encourages big-picture thinking, fosters innovation, and promotes that work can -- and should -- be fun.


Kevin, his wife and three sons live in the community of Glenshaw in Pittsburgh’s North Hills.

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