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Our Approach

Our Proprietary Program and Project Management Methodology Tailored for Startups to Mid-Sized Businesses

Our approach is built upon proven best practices that build confidence and reduce risk in your product launch.


We believe in a collaborative approach for delivering successful products that engages your whole team in achieving business success. We want to be your partner, working side-by-side through the ups and downs of building a successful organization. Our success is measured by YOUR success.




Consult With Leadership

We first meet with an organization’s leadership team -- or team of one! -- to better understand the organization’s mission, goals, and challenges. All recommendations / changes / implementations will be viewed through this lens. Every organization is unique, and success is measured in different ways.


We want to understand your 'why,' what keeps you up at night, what your biggest problems are. This context is crucial to establishing the proper project scope. 


Typical timeline*: One (1) day.


Consult With Project Team

Based on the feedback from leadership we then meet with additional team members to gain more knowledge about the organization and its people, products, and processes. Through one-on-one or group meetings, we dig into how your teams are progressing towards organizational goals, and any additional challenges that they are facing.


This next-level down gives us a more complete picture of your organization and additional context for potential productivity gains.


Typical timeline*: One (1) week.



Document Process Gaps

With the knowledge from steps 1 and 2, we start to analyze, document, and prioritize gaps in project management and the product development process that are impacting organizational goals. We utilize a combination of templates, industry standards, and our years of experience to identify key areas for improvement.


During this step we want you to start to feel like we’re becoming another valued member of your team, understanding and participating in your processes. 


Typical timeline*: Two (2) weeks.


Review Priorities

Before acting on the findings from step 3, we review and discuss them with the leadership team to set priorities and develop a plan to implement changes. The next step is the biggest, so before we get started we always check back in with leadership to come to consensus on the plan. Are we addressing the top priority issues, do we collectively have the resources to achieve the plan, is there a positive ROI, what are the major risks, etc.?


Typical timeline*: One (1) week.




Fill Process Gaps

We believe in iterative process development. We’ll work with you to document and implement the appropriate level of process required to achieve your goals. We do this by combining our knowledge of large-company project management and product development techniques with our experience in tailoring these techniques to the unique needs of startups to mid-size businesses.


The activities during this step are different for every organization. We could stand up a Scrum team, lead a product development effort, draft a project plan, document and optimize a particular process, etc. Whatever is necessary to make your organization a success.


Typical timeline*: TBD, organization dependent.



Measure Progress

After each process change, we’ll put some metrics in place to see how we’re doing. This will inform the next iteration, so that we are continually improving, making your organization more efficient, and keeping your team motivated.

Like the previous step, the metrics will be dependent upon your unique needs. Where possible (in almost every case), we‘ll link metrics back to your key financials: revenue, profit (cost reduction), or cash flow.


Typical timeline*: None -- organization dependent.

Once we’ve made it through each of the steps, we’d love to stick with you and repeat it all over again so that you keep improving and succeeding!

*Every organization is different; timelines may vary depending upon your unique needs.

An Approach Guided By Values

Integrity - We will always do the right thing, even if it's harder (which it often is).

Service - The only way we succeed is if our clients succeed. We are here to serve them.

Quality - We deliver what we say we're going to deliver (or better).

Fun! - We take our work products seriously, but have fun along the way.

Our values differentiate us and guide us in performing our work for you.

Ready to get your product to market with confidence and speed?

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